Thalasso Therapy

Definition Thalasso Therapy:

The thalasso therapy (Greek: thalassa – sea) is an integrated concept for therapy, prevention, health supporting measures. It includes as may adaptive treatments of all passive and active elements from the sea as possible.
These therapies are usually used and applied under medical supervision and with a clear prevention- and therapy goal.  

Within a thalasso treatment, climate, algae, mud and sand represent the active and dynamic sea-water resources. Additional quality during today’s treatments is achieved through the combination for modern types of scientific physiotherapy and health promoting wellness treatments.
The original thalasso therapy is only possible at the seaside. Only here the natural and fundamental basis for vitalizing treatments in form of healing-factors like healthy climate, fresh sea-water, sea-mud and sea-algae are available in their most original and refreshing form.
Especially in France, Benelux as well as in Tunisia and Turkey, the thalasso therapy has a long living history. In those countries the thalasso treatments benefit from the long experience and lead most efficiently to health promoting results and their effectiveness.

Indications for original thalasso treatments:

  • Chronic skin and respiratory tract diseases
  • General fatigue and stress reduction as well as sleep disturbances
  • Infection prevention by increasing the defenses of the body
  • Orthopedic pain and tension states.

Classic thalasso treatments:

  • Seawater bath
  • Vichy-Showers 
  • Seawater treatment with pressure-pointed stream
  • Algae- and Mud-Packs 
  • Water-Gymnastics 
  • Single- and Group-Inhalations of Aerosols 
  • Medical massages (different types and styles) 
  • Terrain- and Climate-Hikes 
  • Additional physiotherapy treatments and initiatives

European Thalasso Standard*

*These criteria are the results of the 1st European Conference on Thalassotherapy in Rostock on January 12, 2002 and also promoted by Verband Deutscher Thalasso-Zentren.

The term thalassotherapy shall be used only if the following definitions and prerequisites are fulfilled and the following measures are offered or taken:

  1. Definition: Thalassotherapy is an integrated concept for therapy, prevention and health promotion. The plan shall be implemented for defined indications under medical care and with the participation of qualified expert staff.
  2. Therapeutic location is immediately by the sea
  3. Thalassotherapy shall be carried out in places where the maritime climate has an immediate effect.
  4. Sea water: The sea shall be used for bathing in natural waters. Suitable sea water that is drawn locally shall be used for inhaling and/or bathing, e.g. in a bathtub or a swimming pool
  5. Authentical sea products are used:sea mud or algae etc. for different applications.
  6. Low-allergen and clean sea air: The quality of the air must warrant that extended stays in the open air will
    represent a relieving factor.
  7. Heliotherapy: Natural solar radiation shall primarily be used for heliotherapy. In adverse
    weather conditions artificial UV irradiation may supplement heliotherapy.
  8. Exposure to the climate and motion therapy shall be carried out in fixed regimens in the zone close to the shoreline.
  9. Associated health-promoting measures, emphasizing relaxation, change of nutrition and physical exercise have to be additionally offered