Medical SPA or Medical Wellness Definitions

A general and valid definition does not exist yet

The term Medical SPA or Medical Wellness has experienced growing recognition over the last years. This is kind of surprising as not many people actually know what the term really means and stands for. On the one hand the further spreading of the wellness idea, which in Germany often stands for „relaxation“, becomes more and more important to make the quality and quantity of offers on the wellness market more visible and straight forward for the customers and give a clear classification and indication of the differences.

As the wellness segment of the health care market is growing rapidly further and further and the supply side does not indicate any intention or interest in quality supporting actions for a market shakeout, the wellness however guests show growing interest in using the term medical as a sort of "quality insuring indicator".

Suppliers have yet again reacted immediately on this development and offer next to many high quality products and services also a lot of wellness rip-offs like medical wellness crèmes, medical wellness chiropody or even medical wellness clothing.

If we just look at the fact that in Germany alone we find close to 1000 so called „Wellness Hotels“ competing for wellness customers, it is evident to what extented quality must have decreased due to quantity of wellness hotels.


Wellness guests are looking for audited and certified quality!

From peoples and wellness customer’s point of view, the discussion concerning the definitions is rather of academic importance. The medical wellness guests and customers have a clear requirement profile for medical wellness offerings:

  • Effectiveness and benefit have to be clearly defined
  • Beneficial for health and not harmful
  • High quality and competency of offer and provider
  • Absolute service attitude and customer orientation
  • Appropriate price-performance ratio


The EAWS Europe Quality Certificate guarantees quality and security

The European Audit Institute Wellness & SPA guarantees wellness guests the conformity and existence of the high requirements set by our audit standards for each wellness hotel/establishment, which was awarded the EAWS Europe Quality Certificate. Our certification criteria clearly indicate the high quality requirements which we set up for the applicant hotels and establishments. Our mystery check (unannounced) includes checks and examinations with ca. 850 specific criteria which are taken into account and receive a standardised analysis and evaluation.